Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Linkage

Friday, I missed you. Like a lot. Anyone else have a long week? Same. I'm so thankful it's over. Plus next week is going to be pretty epic. I've got clothing orders that should be delivered, I'm getting my hair did #yass and it's valentine's day (I'm single like a dollar bill but I still enjoy the holiday). It's going to be a good week. Until next week arrives I'm sharing some of my favorite links. I'm thinking about doing this regularly? Let me know what you all think! 

Winter White Jeans| Audrey of Lulu Linden does white in winter, and I'm all about it.  

Style Tips For Busty Women| Big boobs? No problem! Refinery29 has got you covered.

Nadia Aboulhosn and boohoo| Her collection launches soon, no word can describe how excited I am.
Easy Vegan Dinners| I'm going vegan for lent and I'm planning meals. If all my meals look like this I might do this forever...

Uptown Funk| This video is perfect in so many ways. Coolest. High school. Ever 

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