Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Boho Contemporary

Am I the only one who has been planning my future apartment decor but still live at home with my parents? No, right? Okay good! I've always dreamed of decorating a space that is my own. There's just something so therapeutic about decorating. It's basically you in a home, from the color of the walls, decor and furniture. This is a space that you are going to spend majority of your time in, so it's kinda of important that you like it. I've always imagined a space that is contemporary but with bohemian and girly touches throughout.

I was introduced to modani a modern furniture company and decided to create my dream living space. I mean who doesn't love furniture browsing! Their selection of furniture is pretty amazing. Plus I could finally put all the ideas in my head to "paper."

Boho Contemporary

My favorite modani piece is the couch! It such a modern and structured piece and I softened it up with the colorful bohemian-esqe pillows. Another favorite is definitely the wooden coffee table. It has a nice rustic feel.

   I hope you all enjoyed this post! I had a blast working on this! Be sure to check out their site...


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