Monday, February 9, 2015

All The Single Ladies

Single this Valentine's Day? Same! Cue Beyonce's "All the single ladies" and impromptu dance party. This day shouldn't only be about couples in love, it should also be about self love. I am a firm believer that loving yourself will lead to a happy and healthy, long life. So what better way to love yourself  then to celebrate the day of love! We can't let couples have all the fun ;)

Here's my Single Girls Guide To Valentine's Day!

1. Food, Food & More Food| Food is life. Hit up your favorite restaurant with friends. Get dressed up to the nines and get wined and dined. If your don't feel like interacting with the outside world order way too much takeout so you have tons of choices, friends are optional. No judgement here. Smile big when the takeout guy delivers your food and realizes it's all for you. If your feeling adventurous make dinner yourself! I personally love cooking a great meal, the end result is always my favorite! You could also have a huge potluck with girlfriends, wine is mandatory.

2. Movie Night| Rent some of your favorite rom coms and make the biggest bowl of popcorn. Or you can do a mixture of 1 & 2? Food, movies and gal pals, Oh my! It's basically a night of epic-ness

Best rom coms (according to me...): The Other Woman, Crazy Stupid Love, Bridesmaids, Clueless, Breakfast At Tiffany's and lastly Valentine's Day (obv.)

3. Have A Spa Day| Treat yourself to a massage, manicure or pedicure. You'll feel amazing afterwards.

4. Shop| Buy yourself something nice. Whatever you've been eyeing for weeks at the mall, buy it! You deserve it!

5. Give Back| Volunteer in your community and help those in need. It'll give you all the Valentine feels.

6. Share The Love| Give Valentine's day cards to the people around you. The cheesier the better! It'll brighten their day and give them a good laugh.

Have a fab Valentine's day! 

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