Thursday, December 11, 2014


You know that saying "nothing good happens after 2 am"? Well, it's true. Yesterday was a rough day for me, so rough I got a migraine. Bright lights, talking and anything loud made it worse. So I went to my room turned off the lights, put my phone on silent, laid in bed and closed my eyes. This was around 7pm. I drifted to sleep and woke at 12am. So annoying. What do I do when I can't sleep? Browse through Pinterest obviously. If you follow me you can see I was a pinning machine from about 12:30 to 2:55. When 3am rolled around I stumbled on a pin of a planner. I have been on the hunt for a planner for months, my Lilly planner has about 3 more weeks left :( so I'm in dire need of a new one. This planner is nothing short of perfect! Long story short, I bought a planner at 3 in the morning amongst others things (damn you amazon!). No shame.

It is currently 9:56am as I am writing this post, I still haven't slept and I feel sleep creeping into my eyes. I'm trying my best to fight it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail. My sleep schedule is crap. So here's to my second cup of coffee as I try to keep my eye open. Talk to you all tomorrow, hopefully I'm better rested, caffeinated and less grumpy (so I'm told, but can you blame me!).


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