Monday, December 15, 2014


Hi friends! I hope you all had a fab weekend. In the DC/MD area we experienced some not so frigid weather it was nice not having to wear my big coat. This week we are expecting temps in the 40s and I am quite content. 

On Friday and Saturday I spent the entire day binge watching The 100. If you watch this show you can understand why. SO. GOOD. You can't just watch one episode. On Friday night my friend and I were trying to find something good to watch on Netflix and she heard The 100 was good. We watched an episode and I've been hooked since then. It reminds me of The Lord Of The Flies and 1984, both were my favorite to read in high school. I don't want to reveal too much in case you all want to watch it, but trust me it's a great show. 

On Sunday I thought it would be nice to get some fresh air so my friend and I went to Parcel Market at Canal Park in DC. I got some goodies that I'll share sometime this week. We also hit up the fashion trucks. It's just like a store but on wheels. I think it's such a cool concept. 

Parcel Market 

Scarf- gift
Jacket- Old Navy 
Top- F21
Shoes- Old Navy 
Bag- gift 

Fashion Trucks 


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