Friday, September 5, 2014

Giving Thanks

How often does someone gift you with something or performs a nice gesture for you? All the time right? Now how do you show appreciation? You graciously say thank you or you shoot them a text saying "thanks." Showing thanks in this way is okay but it can be a little impersonal. You can overcome this by writing a personal thank you note. It's such a sweet thing to do and it expresses your gratitude to the individual. Studies show that writing thank you notes sets a person a part and helps to build strong relationships. The question is, what do you write in a thank you note? Well, it all depends on the occasion.

When someone gives you a gift- It can be as small as a gift card or as a large as a pony! Someone went out of their way to give you something, that means they care! Show them you care...

1. Address the giver.
Dear Aunt Marie,

2. Express your gratitude. Be specific. 
Thank you so much for the Kate Spade purse!

If you were gifted money don't mention the money, just say...
Thank you for your generosity!

3. Discuss how you intend to use the gift. Show how meaningful it is.
I've been in need of a new purse. I can't wait to use it! 

4. Give thanks again.
Thanks again for thinking of me. 

5. Regards
With warm regards, 

After someone has invited you to a cocktail party, dinner or some other event- This shows how grateful you are for them thinking of you and inviting you. 

1. Address the invitee 

2. Express your gratitude
Molly thank you for such a fun night! 

3. Show how meaningful it was
It was great catching up with you. 

4. Give thanks again.
Thanks again for a great time 

5. Regards
All the best,

After a job interview- This gives you a competitive edge and you want to show appreciation for the opportunity of being interviewed! 

1. Adress the giver.
Dear Mr. Allen,

2. Express your gratitude. 
Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the editor position with (company name)

3. Show your stuff.
I believe my communication and organization skills would benefit your team.

4. You want to hear from them.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

5. Regards
Best regards,

When you feel indebted to someone- Show your thanks for whatever it is they have done for you.

Follow any of the formats above. 

After you have drafted what you intend to say purchase some thank you notes! I always get mine from T.J Max, they have such a variety and they're adorable! Look at the ones I got a few days ago...

Hope you all enjoyed this post! 



  1. I love these card writings! I don't write enough myself but it's one of the best and sentimental ways of showing how grateful you are as well as thoughtfulness!! xx