Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Real Life: How Pinteresting!

Hello friends! Guess what? I'm on spring break! I know majority of you reading this are thinking "Spring Break in February?" Yes, it's very odd but I'm not complaining, any chance to take a break from school is fine with me! All I've done is lounge, eat, catch up on TV and pin...If you follow me on Pinterest you can see that I've ben a pinning machine and I've come across some great stuff that I need to share with you. It's always good to share knowledge or pins...

The Astro Pop

1 oz Vodka & 1 oz Sour mix. Shake with ice & strain into cup. 1/2 oz Grenadine slowly poured down side. Then 1/2 oz Blue Curaçao slowly down side. They will layer.

First off, this drink doesn't even look real! It's so pretty and easy to make. Definitely perfect for the Spring of Summer time.

Flower Crowns
I'm actually working in a fashion show in two months and i'm creating a few pieces. The theme is bohemian chic and these crowns are perfect! 

Sour Patch Grapes

My favorite fruit in the world is green grapes and one of my favorite candies in sour patch kids. Apparently if you put the grapes in the jell-o powder they taste like sour patch kids. I am so excited to try this!

How your plate should look

This diagram shows you exactly what your plate should look like when eating a meal. This is going to be so helpful when I get back on my healthy regime!

Who needs to be acceptable?

This e-card killed me and I sent it to my best friends immediately!

I'm old

Hair Scarfs

Since I've recently cut my hair I've been looking into new ways of styling it that won't take much effort. 

I hope you all enjoyed my Pinteresting knowledge! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest and I'll follow you back! 


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