Friday, January 9, 2015

Shop With A Cause

In 2015 I vow to _____________. Sound familiar? At the start of a new year we make a list of hopeful resolutions that we intend follow for the entire year. Unfortunately by the time January winds down we’ve completely forgotten about our resolutions and gone back to old habits. This year I’ve decided to hold myself accountable with little weekly reminders. So far so good! Every year I make the resolution to give more, whether it be my time or money to something that I believe in; an organization or a cause changing the world one step at a time.

Late last year (October 2014) I received an opportunity to intern with an amazing group of people changing the way we shop. PopNod is an app that unites the most fashionable items from your favorite stores with organizations that are changing the world. Every time you purchase an item they donate a portion of your purchase to the cause of your choice. Basically, every time you shop you can make help an organization make a difference. Best. Idea. Ever. Can you say win-win? It brings together fashion and social justice; it really doesn’t get better than that. This gives you the opportunity to give to your favorite cause all year round instead of once or twice a year.

I urge you all to download the PopNod app! Sign up with your email address, select your favorite cause and start shopping. To keep track of your favorite items create a Stylestory. Your stories can be shared with friends so they can see what items you’re loving!

Let me know what your favorite items are and the causes you're donating to! 


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