Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT VLOGMAS X BLOGMAS! I just haven't had a second to breathe. The past two days have been hectic to say the least, but everything is finally slowing down. I was contemplating posting something quick, then I realized quality is better than quantity. I knew you guys would understand, life gets crazy and we have no control over that. Either way, I still apologize for not posting.

Monday Recap 
I was answering tons of emails, cleaning (which still isn't done yet) and getting ready for a work event #internlife. I ran some errands, you know the usual grocery shopping, returning items at stores. I stopped by World Market just to browse and I realized that I am going to decorate my entire home with World Market items. I went home worked some more and fell asleep with my laptop in bed. Does anyone else do that?

Tuesday Recap  
BUSY. The media company that I intern for had a holiday party with about 300 guests! We decorated the space to look like a holiday wonderland. It was magical! The day was jam packed but the party was great! I took the train home, took my SleepWell vitamins and crashed. I was exhausted.

Wednesday Recap
Today was spent recovering. I slept in a little bit, made some breakfast and relaxed! Unfortunately, I feel myself getting sick so I'm drinking EmergenC as we speak.


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