Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Concentric: (adj.) denoting circles, arcs or other shapes that share the same center, the larger often completely surrounding the smaller.

You may be wondering why there is a definition at the beginning of this post? I promise it's not random and you'll find out in a few...keep reading.

I have worn glasses since I was two years old. Yes, you read right, two years old. My mom loves to tell the story about the blizzard of 1996. It was January 6th and the blizzard was in full effect and left a fresh pillow of 17 inches of snow. I was about three and three quarters (very specific) at the time and memorized by the magic of snow. It was early in the morning and my mother scooped me up out of bed to see the snow from our living room window. When she placed me in front of the window I squinted and said "Mommy, I can't see anything!" She giggled, retrieved my glasses, and her I watched the snowfall. This story is always told at family functions and holidays and each time I smile. I think back to the very Steve Urkel- esque spectacles with the lanyard that I had from ages two through twelve and laugh. Good times.

 I've had horrible vision my entire life and I've embraced! I remember as a preteen every year or two getting excited about new glasses. I felt like a new pair signified and new me, and let me tell you I felt like a million bucks! I would pick the brightest, and craziest glasses knowing full well that no one would have them and I loved that. As I got older and began to hone my style I liked glasses in a neutral tone with a flair, whether it be the color or shape. I love the classics which never go out of style with the added luxury, but not the price tag! Since my vision is so bad there is a lot of work that needs to go into my glasses which usually hikes up the price. In addition to that the frames are extremely overpriced. Annoying.

A while ago when browsing through some of my favorite blogs I saw a brand being mentioned quite a bit. Warby Parker. I immediately visited their site and it was love at first site. The most stylish frames in the game without the heavy price tag. It gets better. You can do an at home try on...for free and they fill your prescription for you! I remember saying "this can't be real life" but it was and I couldn't be happier! I knew where my next pair of glasses from now and forever were coming from.

Today Warby Parker just released their Concentric Collection (hence the definition). They were kind enough to share this exclusive with me! This collection is so classic and chic with a zing. It's perfect for adding a little something to your fall and winter layers. The colors and hues are very warm and the frame shapes are flattering on any face structure. Being the fashion obsessed blogger that I am, I made up outfits with some of my favorites from the collection. I jotted some ideas down and this is what I imagined...

Benchley Oak Barrel With Flint 

Warby Parker 2

 Murphy Cognac Tortoise With Vulcanite 
Warby Parker

Murphy Crystal With Hazelnut 

Warby 3

This collection get an A+
See the rest of the collection here and let me know which one's are your favorite! 

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