Monday, December 1, 2014


It's December 1st. Is this real life? When did this happen?! Probably between me finally putting away my summer clothes and then stuffing my face with Thanksgiving food (yum). If you follow me on social media (if you don't, my links are in the sidebar!) you know that I have decided to participate in Blogmas and here's the plot twist...I'm going to do Vlogmas too! You're most likely thinking "Dahlia, how on earth do you intend to do that?" Well, I'm not going to both blog and vlog everyday, that is a lot of editing and writing that I'm not ready for! What I will be doing is either posting a vlog or blog post everyday, it'll kind of be a surprise for you all! I thought about just doing one or the other but I thought "Eh, go big or go home. Am I right?!" Plus this is kind of my way of starting off 2015. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to blog more and start vlogging, so instead of starting in 2015 I'm starting before so I can ring in the new year on a great note!

I've been contemplating on whether to call this "VLOGMAS X BLOGMAS" or "VLOG X BLOG-MAS" and lastly "B-VLOGMAS"

Let me know which title is your favorite! I will see you all tomorrow...and everyday of December!


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