Monday, October 20, 2014

Fitness Haul

Happy Monday Friends! Hope you had a relaxing weekend! Mine consisted of running errands and a tub of cookie butter, YUM! If you haven't tried cookie butter before...OH MY GAWD, you are missing out. So. Delicious. After devouring large amounts of cookie butter I had the itch to go shopping. The two go hand in hand, right? I was in dire need of some workout clothes and boy did I hit the jackpot! Old Navy is celebrating their 20th Birthday and the entire store was buy one get something else 50% off. I took advantage of this and ran up and down the athletic section of Old Navy. I was like the flash, ask my bff! I was MIA for about 30 minutes. I left with some pretty great stuff...

Fitness photo 1

workout clothes

workout clothing 2

Old Navy Tanks

How cute are those tanks?! They were only $10! Such a steal! I originally had about 5 of these shirts in my cart but by the time I got to the register I decided to be a reasonable human being and only get two. The grey tank matches perfectly with my Nike's! I also bought a pair of gray leggings which fit great and make my leg look awesome (bonus!). 

Then I hit up T.J Maxx and I bought the best sports bra known to man for my large chested sisters (pictured above)! So good you don't have to double up when you go for a run! This bra is a gem and I would buy 10 more if they had anymore (that's what amazon's for). Lastly I bought a neon green kettle ball for a whopping $9.99! I've used it twice now and I am sooooo sore! I'm moving like a toddler learning to walk. 

I hope you all enjoyed this haul!
Let me know your favorite place to get workout clothes!


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