Monday, September 22, 2014

100 Days Of Happiness Check-In

The past 21 days have been surprisingly...happy. It's amazing the things you can do when you change your mindset. I'm aware I sound like a broken record but to be quite honest I don't care! Don't get me wrong I've had a few bumps in the road and because of this challenge I was able to see them as a positive lesson and not a punishment.  I've learned a lot about myself in the last few days, I can't wait for the next 79 days! If you all would like to start this challenge shoot me an email, we can do it together!

I happily present to you the last 21 days...

Day 1- A pretty day in my neighborhood
Day 2- I bought myself a jumbo to-do list note pad and stationary! Does work supplies excite anyone else? 
Day 3- My first iced pumpkin spice latte of the year! It was delish.
Day 4- I finally got to talk to my roommate who moved to China for the year. I caught her when she was eating! Sorry Lola! It was so nice catching up with her. 
Day 5- My breakfast looked so yummy I had to document it #noms
Day 6- I had a long day at work and was ecstatic to finally be in my bed! 

Day 7- Sunday Selfies? Is that a thing?
Day 8- I made some motivational posters and framed them. It was a great addition to my room! Let me know if you guys want one!
Day 9- Brownies and catching up with friends.
Day 10- Another Selfie...I was trying out a new eye look, let me know if you guys like it!
Day 11- Going through old photos on my iPhone and I found this gem of my roommate and I.
Day 12- My daily cup of coffee and a morning treat 

Day 13- I added this beautiful quilted coat to my closet. Did I mention it has leather shoulders...#yesplease
Day 14- Cheat big time. This was obviously shared with friends.
Day 15- Got some pumpkin spice flavored gum to curb my sweet tooth, it's pretty good. 
Day 16- Rummaging through old photo albums and found my first communion photos! Look at those white tights!

Day 17- I worked an event in the coolest space I've ever seen!
Day 18- I finally found a free reflection app! I've always wanted one of these but was never willing to shell out money for it. 
Day 19- I hung out with some friends from college. I missed them a ton! 
Day 20- Another cheat can't pass up IHOP!
Day 21- Sunday mornings are always my favorite. Working on the blog while caffeinating myself. 

Stay tuned for my next check in! 
How is your challenge going? Let me know down below!


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