Monday, August 4, 2014

I Will Want What I Want.

Hello Friends! Happy Monday! Today we're going to switch things up. I'm feeling really inspired and you all were the first people I wanted to share my inspiration with! A few days ago while perusing the inter web for some cute workout clothes I landed on the Under Armour website. They've recently started a new campaign called "I Will Want What I Want." It consisted of a beautiful short film of the wonderful ballet dancer Misty Copeland. She is the first African American woman principal dancer in   any ballet company. Her whole life she was told that she wasn't made for ballet, she was too "muscular."People focused on her physical appearance not her capabilities. Things like that really get to me, judging a person on their physical appearance? How rude! You know nothing about them but you automatically assume they can't do something because of how they look. I don't know about you but that makes me work ten times harder to prove the haters wrong. I want their jaws to drop when they realize how idiotic they sounded when they made such a comment! I also want to yell "IN YO FACE" but that's probably not appropriate...

Anyway the point of this post is to want what you what and don't let people tell you otherwise! Don't let them tell you you're wrong or that you can't do it. Politely tell them to shove it and be the  fabulous bad ass that you are! That is all.

The 1 minute film...


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