Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Real Life: Summer Fiesta

Summer has officially begun which means a lot of fiestas! I'm a sucker for a good party with friends, awesome food and drinks. Now when I go to a party I always opt for something flowy, especially in the tummy area. I want to eat drink and be merry without showing it and worry about it later! Secondly I want to be comfortable, you obviously can't be uncomfortable when having fun. I have put together a few looks that are perfect for a summer fiesta.

Summer Fiesta Outfit 1

Summer Fiesta Outfit 2
                                      Summer Fiesta Outfit 2 by dhjdancer featuring polish jewelry

Summer Fiesta Outfit 3
                                     Summer Fiesta Outfit 3 by dhjdancer featuring a ray ban aviator

If you would like to see where all of the clothing is from you can click on the link beneath the picture. You can also find these photos on Pinterest, be sure to repin them! Also let me know which outfits are your favorite in the comments below!



  1. I love these dahlia! and your blog lol
    but I have to say...the THIRD ONE IS MY FAVORTIE!