Monday, June 17, 2013

Real Life: Time To Clean Out The Closet

I am wayyy overdue for a spring cleaning, especially in my closet! I'm always complaining about how I don't have anything to wear which is true, but I have tons and tons of clothes that I don't wear. Which makes it look like I have a lot but i really don't. I kind of want to rebuild my closet with A LOT of basics and some statement pieces. For basics I want tons of skirts a pair or two of boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans. I also need some quality t-shirts! All my V-necks are ruined within 6 months and need to be thrown out because they're so thin and cheap. One item I NEED is a maxi dress or skirt! Can you believe I don't own one!? I'm was thinking that every time I buy a new item I would share it with you all! Kind of like my "closet chronicles". I'm almost out of college and sweatshirts and school shirts will no longer cut it, at least not everyday haha. I want to work in fashion PR but you would never know because I'm constantly hiding behind my clothes. It's time to step it up! Here are some pieces that I'm a huge fan of!

This green skirt from Asos. A great pop of color!

Such a great piece! Tons of outfits can be made with this!

I am obsessed with this tank! I think everyone needs a good graphic tee.

Everyone also needs a nice white tank. 

V-necks, also very important.

A great pair of boyfriend jeans are a must! 

A great pair of black pants that you can dress up or down.

Of course all of the clothes that I want are from ASOS (Surprise, Surprise!). 



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