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Real Life: 3 Job myths that don't serve you.

Hello all! Today guest blogger Emma, is going to be filling us in on 3 Job myths. It's really great advice! Hope you all enjoy!

Emma is a mid 20-something year old with a passion for life, love, fitness, and helping others. She loves to be active and get involved in as many sport and community activities as possible. She has also been known to bust some serious moves on the dance floor after a glass or two of wine! Emma is currently studying to become a Career & Life Coach, and loves to network with people from around the world! Check out Emma’s blog at

Finding a job can be tough, especially in today’s economy.  Many people that I know and have worked with held a number of limiting beliefs concerning what they needed to do to gain employment.  It took them a while to realize these beliefs were actually preventing them from finding the job that was right for them.  In order to spread the word about these myths, here are a few of the most common I have come across, and the real information behind them:

 Myth #1: If you don’t have a job, your only focus in life should be getting one
Truth:  If you’re unemployed, finding a job should absolutely be at the top of your priorities list, but it’s important that you fill your time with other activities too.  Once you nab a job interview, it will look much better to an employer if, while you were unemployed, you were doing volunteer work related to the job instead of sitting at home and applying for jobs

Myth #2: If you don’t have a job, you have to take the first job you’re offered
Truth: If you’re in financial straits, you'll be tempted to take the first job you’re offered, no matter what it is.  However, it’s important to think about the long-term impacts. If it’s a full-time job that you hate doing, it can have a negative effect on your overall professional goals and your emotional and mental well-being.  It’s much wiser to hold out as long as you can until you get a position you'll enjoy. If you can’t afford not to work at all, allow yourself to work part-time (if possible) while still allowing yourself some time to look for that full-time job that you will love!

Myth #3: Your resume should convince a potential employer that you’re good at everything.
Truth: Nobody, with the possible exception of Bruce Wayne, is good at everything.  When you’re hunting for a job, the truth is your strongest ally.  The resume reviewer should know what you’re actually good at so that they can determine whether you’re a good fit for their company. If you trick a company into believing you're qualified for a position outside your skill level, they’ll expect you to deliver once you’re hired, and you'll wind up unemployed again if you can't.

Myth #4: Asking someone for a referral is time-consuming and annoys them.
Truth: In most cases, people who know what a great worker you are would be happy to give you a referral if they think you would be a great candidate with their company. Although the traditional way of asking someone for a referral still rings true – asking them in person, calling them on the phone, writing them an email, there are other ways to do so in today’s tech-savvy world. Companies such as JIBE, a leader in the mobile recruiting industry, provide platforms that allow for candidates to request a referral from someone who works at a company they are applying to right through popular social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Asking for a referral has never been easier!

You don't have to be someone you’re not to find employment. Follow your dreams and go after jobs that will move you closer to your career goals.  The bright side of being unemployed is that you have lots of free time to focus on who you really want to be and what you really want to do. Life is short, so make sure you’re spending it doing something you really love :)  

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