Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finals are Here!

Finals are Here!

1. Colorful highlighters and pens! It's keeps your notes interesting and makes it easier to pay attention. So much better then you normal black and blue notes. 
2. Pandora was my lifesaver last week! Sometimes it helps when you study with music. My favorite station is Ben Howard and Mumford and Sons.
3. Mugs. For your hot caffeine of choice, mine varied between coffee and pomegranate green tea, either way both did their job and kept me up in the wee hours of morning. 
4. Candy. Very important of finals, I rewarded myself for good hard work with some Mike and Ike's. 
5. Snap Chat. The best break/distraction from studying ever. I love making silly faces at my friends and it's gone within a matter of seconds! No incriminating photos that will make its way to Facebook or istagram. 
6. Clay mask. Major necessity for finals, with all the stress it sometimes takes a toll on your skin. This is such a great mask your skin is so soft afterwards! 

Good Luck on finals everyone! 

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