Saturday, July 21, 2012

Real Life: But I want it...

Hello All! I apologize that there was no University Low Down this week, I'm working on a decor project that's thats taking longer than I expected, but you can expect a post on this segment next week! But today I have a bad case of the I want blues. I have been online window shopping (bad idea) and I litereally want everything that I see! For example...

I love the asymmetrical hem! But I don't know if I'll be getting it anytime soon it's $74!
This simple black bandeau dress can be dressed up so many ways! This is only $26.51

I am obsessed with the pattern of this dress. This is $41.43

I mean look at the cuffs of this dress! In addition to this the back has a deep scoop neck. This too is pricey $74
The forever 21 sheer blouse is perfect to dress up or down! $22.80

I have been wanting a shirt from The Frat Collection for a while now these are some of my favorite shirt combos!

I also want...

These loafers from target. $19.99!
Leopard Print flats from target. $19.99!
A Marley Lilly Monogramed Baseball hat

Have a great day everyone! 

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