Friday, June 8, 2012

Real Life: Finding Summer Internships

For most college students home for the summer it means time for a summer job or internship. Both are very beneficial because they give real working experience and sometimes get paid! So, Like most college students instead of looking for a summer job I was looking for public relations or marketing internship for the summer and if I just happened to get paid that was icing on the cake. So on my search I found a lot of very interesting internships and they all appealed to me, so instead of just limiting myself to applying to one internship I applied for about 8. I figured it's always better to have options, and then the phone interviews started pouring in! They all went really well, and I believe they did because of my persistence. The best advice I have for anyone looking or applying for internships is 

1) Don't limit yourself- Don't only apply for one internship because there is a chance that you may not get it. Make sure to apply to as many as possible that appeal to you because there is a much larger chance that you will get one internship out of the many that you applied to.
2) Persistance- If you have sent your resume and cover letter and they haven't gotten back to you in a week or more, CALL THEM! Make them see that you are interested and confirm that they got your resume and cover letter. 
3) Positive Attitude- When employers don't get back to you are you find out that you didn't get the internship it can be very discouraging. It's important to keep a positive attitude, there will be others and there is no need to dwell on it! 

I hope my advice helped! Happy internships hunting! And Good Luck! 



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