Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's In My Bag

Theses are the contents of my (work)'ve been warned

Normal People Things| Keys to get into my house, obv. iPhone & Charger because when your phone is dead, you're dead. Smartrip for the metro so I can get to and from work. 

Laptop| To connect with you all and do work too ;) 

Planner| Planners are life to me and this Passion Planner is GOLD! Blog post on this coming soon. 

Publications| To read on the way to work so I'm a well-informed citizen

Pills & Lotions| Winter was really rough on my skin and I'm trying to nurse it back to health with A&D. Advil because migraines are no joke and green tea pills when I need a caffeine boost. Towards the middles in the green packaging is a Salompas for my back, this alleviates the pain pretty quickly. 

Food| Usually I keep a Quest Bar or Cliff Bar in my bag but on this day I was feeling extra healthy hence the carrots. 

Sunglasses| So i'm not blinded 

Makeup| I always keep the mascara and lipstick I wore that day for touch-ups. I also keep lip balm and a mini perfume. 

Pens| So I can write things. Normally I carry a small pen bag but it was too big so I ditched it. 

Cards| Lastly I carry business cards in my Mount St. Mary's case #thanksmount #proudalum

And that's all folks!
Is your bag a hot mess like mine? Let me know! 



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