Thursday, February 26, 2015

DPGG: How To Take A Year Off

So you've decided to take some time off? Me too! When I explain to people that I'm taking some time off they think I'm just hanging out at my parents doing nothing of significance. Like no, think again.

First off, I can't sit still. I'm known for doing 1 million things at a time and that is no exaggeration. I love keeping busy, I've always been that way. I remember being in hundreds of activities as a kid and I loved it. It didn't bother me or make me unhappy, it did tire me but in a good way like "all in a days work" tired. So when I decided to take some time off before graduate school I had a list of things I wanted to do, because I'm a planner. This list is constantly changing but the groundwork always remains the same. What is this groundwork you may ask? This groundwork is pretty much a guide for me, on how to take a year off. When I created the never-ending list  of things I wanted to do, there was no structure at all. So this guide basically keeps me in check. This guide is very versatile and can be used for any period of time.

Spend Your Time Wisely | This is pretty obvious. Hanging out and doing nothing may seem nice for the time being but I guarantee you WILL lose your mind or have a mental break down. If you don't major props to you. I knew I wanted to get an internship in something social media or public relations related. I searched high and low for positions and I was lucky enough to find two positions with amazing companies. I was able to use the skills I had learned during undergrad while gaining new ones. These internships allowed me to see if this field was for me, and it is! Use this time to experience different fields within your field. Find out what your like and dislikes are about your field, in addition to your strengths and weaknesses. This may be a break from school but it's not a break from life.

1. Try finding an internship/job in your field
2. Experience different fields within your field
3. Find your strengths and weaknesses

Find Your Passion | It is really important to work at honing your craft during this time but it's also important to better yourself during this time, and do things that you love. If you have a passion pursue it during this time, if you don't have a passion find one! It can't be all work and no play. Do you like photography or cooking? Take a class. Really interested in fitness? Become an instructor. Love helping people? Join an organization of service. All things you've never had time to, this is the time for that! This list can go on forever, but you get the point!

1. Whatever your passion is pursue it!

Improve Yo Self | You've been busy the last four years so use this time to improve on all the things you never had time to do. Break bad habits, while creating better ones. Take better care of your self both mentally and physically. Start meditating, eating healthy and work on that fitness girl/boy {insert flexing emoji}. Take a leap out of your comfort zone. For example I'm very shy so I make it a point to network more and mingle instead of standing in a corner quietly. Also use this time to find yourself, it sounds cheesy, but real talk this is going to really benefit you. Find out your likes and dislikes and love and embrace who you are. If you don't do it no one will. This year is basically the year of YOU! So don't neglect yo self.

1. Break bad habits while gaining new ones
2.Take care of yourself mentally and physically
3. Step out of your comfort zone

I hope this post was helpful. Stay tuned for Part II. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to shoot me an email, tweet etc. Links below


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