Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Favorites

September, Imma let you finish but October is the best month EVER. Why you may ask? Well, it's always sweater weather and the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes is in full affect! The month of October just gets me #matchmadeinheaven
Although I'm so glad September is over I did accumulate some favorites.

Also, how cute is this fall themed feather? Check out Alexis at Persia Lou, she has the cutest free graphics!

  1.  This month I've been an avid Buzz Feed-er? Their Youtube videos are laugh so hard your stomach hurts funny.
  2. The WeChat app been such a life saver this month! I have two friends abroad (China & Costa Rica) and this app makes it so easy to stay in contact with them. You can make phone calls and text...for free! 
  3. Refinery 29 is my go to place for fashion and beauty news. They keep me hip and fresh. Check out Senior Stylist Annie Greenburg's video's on the website, they're my favorite! Her latest video on transitioning floral dresses into fall is the
  4. I bought myself a pink stepper so I have no excuses about not working out. 45 minutes on this baby kicks my booty! #noexcuses 
  5. This  blender bottle is great for my protein shakes and my energy supplement. 
  6. Sworkit is a great app if you want a quick but tough workout. I usually do  15 minutes of this then use my stepper for about 45 minutes. 
  7. Trader Joe's turkey bacon, is so delicious. You need to try this, like yesterday. 
  8. This Peach Cobbler Extra Gum comes in handy when I'm craving sweets. This usually calms the beast...for a little while.
  9. This Sephora bronzer makes me look glowy and sun kissed!
  10. The Benefit Push Up Liner is WONDERFUL! I honestly don't think I can use another liner ever again. It's that good. 
  11. I have been living in these Forever 21 high waisted jeans this month. They are so comfy I sometimes forget I'm wearing jeans! 
I hope you all enjoyed my September Favorites! Until next time 

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