Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Enjoy Your Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday has become a pretty popular and I'm all for it. A day spent doing something you enjoy wether it be productive or unproductive, the most important thing is that you ENJOY it. It's the last bit of relaxation and or enjoyment before the week begins. I believe it's so important to start the week in good spirits, this is what sets the tone for the week. There are so many ways to go about your Sunday, so I have come up with a few ways to enjoy your Sunday Funday.

1. Do some physical activity- Start your day by getting your blood flowing with a light walk or some yoga.

2. Follow up your physical activity with a nice brunch. Who doesn't love brunch? Hello, mimosa's?! Or coffee? I love a good brunch but going out every Sunday can get a little pricey, so invite some friends over and have them bring some food, kind of like a brunch potluck (is that a thing?).

3. Go to the farmers market- There's nothing better than staring your week off with some fresh produce or flowers! 

4. Do a fun DIY- Making a nice candle is always nice! Who doesn't love a nice smelling home? 

5. Catch up on your reading- I love sitting outside with a good book or catching up on blogs on my iPad. 

6. Catch up with friends and family- For some reason I always find myself catching up with people on Sunday. 

And that's how you Sunday Funday! At least that's what I do...What do you guys like to do on Sunday Fundays?! 


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