Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strong Eye Brow Game

Hello Friends! Recently I've received a lot of questions on how I do and maintain my eyebrows daily. I'm not gonna lie I'm quite proud of my eyebrow game, you might have seen my hashtags on twitter?#strongeyebrowgame (follow me on Twitter! @DahliaJay). What better way for me to show people how I do them through detailed pictures and descriptions! First off, I get my eyebrows waxed once a month (ow!). No one like getting waxed but the pain is all of 3 seconds...well until they get to the next eyebrow which is another 3 seconds. So overall the pain is quick. I prefer this method over tweezing the entire eyebrow because the process is pretty painful and time consuming. Plucking each hair to your desired eyebrow shape is not fun for the the plucker or the pluck-y(I just made that word up). One, the plucker has to carefully and strategically remove each hair. Two, the plucker has to watch you squirm each time they remove a hair. And Three, it's entirely too painful! But, I do tweeze a a few hairs here and there between my waxing to maintain the shape and keep it looking clean.

On a daily basis even if I don't intend to wear a full face of make-up I always fill in my eyebrows. I'm pretty blind so I wear glasses everyday and filled in eyebrows make me look awake and put together. Here is my step-by-step daily eyebrow look!

  1. Comb through the brow to tame any stray hairs.
  2. Put some concealer beneath the brow. This allows the brow to pop and look better sculpted. 
  3. Fill in any spaces in the brow meaning any areas that are looking kind of sparse. This is also the time to create a stronger shape. You can do this by lightly outlining the shape you desire  then lightly fill in the brow.
  4. Gently go over the brow with shadow to fill in any spaces you missed.
  5. This step is optional but you can finish off this look with some eyebrow gel. 

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know what your favorite eyebrow products are! 


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