Friday, July 11, 2014

Drop It Like It's Cropped?

Happy Friday All! I hope this week was filled with sugar cookies and good times! I say sugar cookies because Wednesday was national sugar cookie day. To be honest I had no idea such a day existed, but any excuse to eat cookies right? You know what's really awesome? Eating cookies in crop tops and not caring! Was that not the smoothest way to transition into today's topic? I think yes!

I've always loved the crop top trend for a casual look but recently it's been all over the red carpet and I am digging it. It's such an fun way to spice up a formal look with just a peep of bare of midriff. It's elegant, edgy yet super tasteful. Let's take a look at the ladies who have killed on the red carpet.

Emma Stone- Where do I even begin! She looks amazing! The pink and magenta complement each other perfectly. The slit in the skirt and the back of the top screams sass! She nailed this look.

Mindy Kaling- I can't get over how much I love this look on Mindy! The top and skirt is so structured  then there's the slightest bit of skin. Such a classy look!

Lilly Collins- This look is full of drama. The skirt reminds you of a ball gown then the crop top edges it up a bit. Btw she is killing the eyebrow game, I definitely have some eyebrow envy.  

Jennifer Lawrence- JLaw looked so chic and girly is this number! 

Shay Mitchell- This colorful matching top and bottom is a show stopper! I can't over how fun that print is!

Let me know which look is your favorite! 



  1. I loveeee this trend. Just have no idea how to wear it myself haha thanks for sharing!