Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Real Life: Words of Wisdom

Hey Friends! I have been a college graduate for approximately 39 days and to be quite honest I've been a little discouraged. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely relieved that I am finished with my undergraduate career. I worked very hard and I am quite proud of myself. There is just one thing I wish I "they" informed me about post grad life, getting your life together. By getting your life together I mean getting a job, attending graduate school or moving away etc. I've talked to countless mentors and professors about the hardships of everything I listed above but I had no idea how difficult it would be! Obviously I knew it would be tough, but good God!

As a college graduate "doors will open," says everyone. I am beginning to think that this so called door is a myth like big foot or the tooth fairy. Either this door is a myth or that door is no where near me for me to open. I've been very proactive, I apply to a minimum of three jobs a day and I am researching the best graduate schools in the country, but still nothing. Doing the same thing everyday for last 39 days can take a toll on your ego and make you doubt yourself. I was beginning to feel like a lost puppy until I stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest.

"Trust the journey even if you don't understand it."

Who knew so much meaning could be found in just nine words? After re-reading this quote for about ten minutes I realized things were going to get better soon. This little lull is just a part of my bigger journey, I may not understand it or even like it, but it WILL get better. You just need to let go and keep working hard, before you know it that door is going to appear and will open with everything you could have dreamed of plus more.

I've created an iPhone and iPad background so you can take this quote with you!

Remember to keep hustlin and stay positive!

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