Friday, March 28, 2014

Real Life: Go Girl It's Your Birthday! #ABBB

Lovies the month of April is around the corner which means my 22nd second birthday is in just a few weeks. It feels so weird turning 22 especially since I just got use to being 21. It's obvious I can't win them all, but luckily you all can! I have teamed with Harper of Harper Honey, Clara of That Girl Magazine, and Alice of Dalabooh to do an Aries Birthday Beauty Bash Giveaway! Myself and these wonderful ladies have some amazing goodies to giveaway and you do not want to miss out! Just a few quick and easy entries and you might be the winner of some amazing products!

Here's a little info on these lovely ladies

Harper- Her Birthday is on April 5 and she will be turing 21 this year!

  • Her Goals- End college strong, finish my degree and get a job. Get healthy and make normal sleep cycles and exercise a regular part of my life.
  • Birthday Wishlist- To save up to afford a summer working in New York, so anything that facilitates that is a big one. I'd also love more cute clothes and professional dresses to wear to work. And tickets to see Aladdin on Broadway :)
  • Favorite Beauty Product- Sephora liquid eyeliner in black is essential-- I'm also addicted to opaque lipsticks!
Clara- Her Birthday is on April 10 and she will be turning 22 this year!
  • Her Goals- Graduate, get a proper job, and get a corgi.
  • Birthday Wishlist- Mostly things to decorate my new apartment!
  • Favorite Beauty Product- I am an absolute nail polish junkie. My absolute can't-live-without product is Seche Vite fast dry topcoat, because I like my nails to be shiny and not-chipped. 
Alice- Her Birthday is on March 31st and she will be turing 25 this year! 
  • Her Goals- I would like to upgrade my website with more contents and get new collaboration with brands. Keep being positive and motivated to reach my dream.
  • Birthday Wishlist- I would like to get a new DSLR camera to get better quality pictures and videos since now I know how to properly use one.
  • Favorite Beauty Product- I am in love with nail polish. Having a neat manicure always add a plus to your whole look. 

Good Luck! 

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