Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Real Life: Quilters?

I've been missing in action for a few days. I apologize work has been crazy it involved a quilting conference, dance camp, soccer camp and religious retreat. Thank the baby Jesus that I was able to have a breather on Saturday afternoon. A friend of mine invited me to a party and I had a great time. First off everyone there was pretty much a musician, so there was music constantly played, I loved every second of it. Second, the house where the party was held was enchanting. Thirdly, there were some really cool outfits there. Of course all this was captured on camera with the help of my dear friends.

The Outfits 

The Music 
There was a lot of people who were playing a bunch of different sets. One of my friends got in on some  of that action. It was so great!

There was a huge moth flying around. It caught me a little off guard. 

One of the bands there was Blind Man Leading. A great band that I had seen before and they were just as great as the first time I saw them. Such friendly guys who have a passion for music. Listen to their music below. 


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