Thursday, June 6, 2013

Real Life: This day calls for bed

Today I woke up and a dark cloud of doom was lurking around so I knew it was going to be a rainy, which I'm fine with! But, I had to work for like two hours (nbd) then drove in the trunk of a golf cart with a poncho in the pouring rain. Sounds like a good time right? It really was though! Then the rest of my day consisted of me sipping on Pepsi (I normally hate Pepsi products but today I was really craving it!) reading my magazine and checking out the Levo League website. Y'all should check them out! They have this new mentoring program where you can ask questions to their mentors. It's awesome! Then some friends and I went out for some drinks and food, but of course they wouldn't serve me because I had a vertical ID! I've been 21 since April! We can't win them all haha! On the way back we ran into this!
The rest of my night will consist of me reading magazines and finally do so leisure reading. A bag of goldfish couldn't hurt either...