Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Real Life: Balancing Act

Life can be a lot to handle at times, we've all felt overwhelmed and stressed. I don't know how many times I've felt some serious anxiety about what life has handed me, but things seem to work out in the end. I've learned from my experiences that the only way that my anxieties can be lessened is by having a good balance in my life. It sounds so easy but it's very difficult to do! How many times have you been so consumed by your work that you completely forget about everything around you? I know I've done it plenty of times. It takes a lot of practice and planning to find a good balance of everything in your life, so your not constantly stressed. I believe this is so important because life is entirely too short to stress about everything. So if you find a good balance you'll be on your way to a good stress-free life.



  1. Dahlia, this sentence is perfect to me! Even when I supposed to be relaxing, I'm worried with what will happen in the next day! It is time to revise my concepts!

  2. so true