Thursday, March 21, 2013

Real Life: This Weeks Favorite's...

Real Life: This Weeks Favorite's...

As per usual this week is hectic, filled with tons of studying and activities! These are some of my favorite things this week that are keeping me going!

  1. Amp- I'm aware that it's not the best thing for you but there wasn't any diet coke so I had to deal with this. This has been my friend this week keeping me up at all hours of the night.
  2. Swedish Fish- I've had a crazy sweet tooth this week, so it was only natural that I reach for one of my all time favorite candies. 
  3. Sleep- Haven't been getting that much of it this week, so I value every second of it!
  4. Comfy Clothes- During the week I try my best to look nice and very well put together, but once I'm done with classes and activities I, like clockwork take off my restricting clothes (mostly jeans) and put on some comfy clothes! 
  5. Camelback Water Bottle- It's important to stay hydrated when on the move, so I carry my monogrammed Camelback with me everywhere. 
  6. Eucerin- Since the weather on the east coast is so unpredictable I don't want my skin to suffer, so I've been putting this stuff on for extra protection. 
  7. Olay Fresh Effects- Thanks to the wonderful people of Influenster I was able to try out this product and I love it! It leaves my skin super soft! 
  8. Tumbler Cups- For Iced coffed/tea (as you can see the theme of this week in caffine!) 
What are your favorites this week?

Have a great day all! 


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