Saturday, March 30, 2013

Real Life: It's Not a Diet, But a Lifestyle Change

Hello All! Happy Good Friday!
I've been going through a big change in my life and thought who better to share this with! So here we go! I've been a larger person my entire life but I was healthy, I've been dancing and playing sports my entire life. I literally could never stand still! It stayed that way until after my freshman year of college, I quit the club volleyball team and joined the dance team. I didn't have to work out as much, which definitely took a toll on my body, and affected me mentally as well. In short I became really lazy, so lazy I gained just about 20 pounds. I started feeling sorry about myself so I would diet, I started losing weight but once the diet was over I gained all the weight back. It was a constant struggle and I had no idea what to do anymore! I had lost all motivation, and thought I would be stuck like this for the rest of my life. A few days ago on while youtube watching one of my favorite beauty guru's Cambria (brelovesbeauty) I found my motivation! She said it's not a diet but a lifestyle change! I had been going about it all wrong! Diets don't last, so just make changes here and there to your life. For example drink more water, switch from regular pasta to wheat, try and eat as clean as possible! She had such good advice that really gave me that push that I needed. Cambria has even created a plan health plan that is great! Everyone needs to go check her out, at only 17 this girl know her stuff! ( 
Her plan includes food, inspirational quotes and workouts! The workouts are my favorite, a lot of them are blogilates, which is a fun youtube workout channel by the amazing Casey Ho. Guys these workouts are sooooooo much fun I've been doing 2 of her videos every morning for the past 3 days and I have been feeling it! Casey also has a website filled with goodies, such as meal and work out plans and a fitness calendar. Check her out as well (
I'm super motivated and excited for the future!



  1. It definitely is a lifestyle change. An amazing one, at that. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck on your health journey.
    -XO Christyl from Christyl Living