Sunday, February 17, 2013

Real LIfe: My Week In Instagram Pictures

Hey Everyone! So sorry about my lack of posts these past two weeks have been crazy! First came midterms, then projects, then dance practices, then my schools homecoming and mascot reveal, then I was the stage manager for my friends show, then I was in my schools talent show (I made it to the second round!) This is the first time in about two weeks I've had some time to myself, what better way to spend it with some hot tea in hand and reading some of my favorite blogs! 
So here are the past two weeks via Instagram. 

I am now a style advisor for Dormify! So excited!

Homecoming weekend with friends!
Such a bad picture of me because my eyes were closed but my roomies look great.
My hair for the dance.
My school's mascot reveal. I was on the committee and we helped design him, it was such an exciting experience! We all got a little teary eyed when we saw him.

I got doughnuts at work for fat tuesday. Yum!

I got two graze boxes. Guys these things are so good you take a survey on their website and they send you healthy food for $5 a week and you can stop and resume them anytime you want! 
Last but not least, the sun. I haven't seen it in forever due to the fact it been raining or snowing the last week!

How are you all spending your Sunday? 

Happy Sunday! 


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