Friday, December 21, 2012

Real Life: Last Minute Gifts!

Christmas is just a few days away and if your like me you still have some last minute shopping to do? If not "You Go Glen CoCo!" Here are some last minute gifts that I'm currently obsessed with.

 1. Bodum Travel Mug
Bodum is a Swedish Based Company with plenty of awesome kitchenware.  Now I already have a Bodum travel mug and it is the greatest thing ever! But it's not your everyday mug, it's also a coffee and tea press. If your always on the go this cup is perfect! All you have to do is put your coffee grounds or tea leaves at the bottom to the cup, then fill with boiling water, wait a few minutes and press! Fresh Coffee or Tea in just a few short minutes and it stays hot forever!  One of my Best Friends got me this mug and I haven't been able to use any other mug but this one! It was my best friend during finals! If you don't get this mug for someone else get it for yourself! Promise you won't regret it, such a good buy!
2. Julep Nail Polish
Such a good quality nail polish is amazing colors! 
3. Journal.
A cute journal is always a nice gift, this one I found on Pinterest is on of my favorites.
4. A CD Mix.
I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but it's really a nice gesture and every time that person listens to it they'll think of you ;) 
I love the packaging of this CD, maybe instead of twine red ribbon?

5. Framed Quote.
This is a super quick and easy gift to make. First find a quote that you like maybe off Pinterest or something resize it in word or powerpoint, print it and go to target and get a frame!
One of my favorite quotes.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and made your last minute shopping helpful!

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