Sunday, August 19, 2012

Real Life: Packing is not fun...

Hey Everyone! I apologize for my lack of posts, I've been packing up my life to go back to my little mountain (aka. school). I actually stopped by my school yesterday to drop off some of my bigger things so move-in day isn't horrendous. I'm living in a five person suite with two rooms and a living room, and our own bathroom, one of the rooms is a two person and the other is a three person. I'm living in the three person room! I can honestly say that i am so excited to decorate this suite, it's such a big space!  I can't wait to show you all when it's done! I was thinking about taking a whole bunch of pictures and posting them or video room tour? Let me know what you guys think! I move in on tuesday so the pictures or video might be up tuesday evening or wednesday afternoon!

Have a splendid Sunday everyone!

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