Friday, July 6, 2012

Real Life: Welcome to the University Low Down!

Hello everyone I hope you all had a wonderful 4th! Welcome to the University Low Down segment, i've been debating on this subject for weeks now and finally decided I would do it since school is in a little less than two months (eeww!) . The purpose of this segment is kind of my college how to, with things such as what to bring to college, dorm decor, and advice. I plan on this segment being once a week but it could be more if i'm inspired!

I thought that I start off this segment with the best apps for college students. These are the things that help get me by each semester.

1) Grades 2- With this app you are able to calculate your grade exactly, if you know the percentage of each assignment, quiz, test, etc. I was always checking my grades with this app to make sure things were just right!

2) myHomework- With this app you are able to stay on top of all your school work and exams.

3) CNN- So I could stay informed about what was going on in the world!

4)  This app definitely came in handy when doing reading assignments for class, if I didn't know I just grab my phone.

5) WebMd-  When in college everyone gets sick! So I always used this app when I was feeling under the weather to check my symptoms

6) Twitter- Yes I said it, Twitter! Take a break from studying! I love love love tweeting my friends and see what everyone is up to. I also love reading hilarious tweets you all should follow @FirstWorldPains , @_collegeproblems and @totalbetchmove they are hilarious!

Hope you all enjoyed this segment! Until next time!

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