Thursday, July 12, 2012

Real Life: University Low Down

Today's Focus is...Dorm Decor!
Dorm Decor is probably one of my favorite things about going back to school, I usually go shopping for decor around the first week of August. But this year around I want to do things a little differently and cheaper. So with the help of Pinterest I have seen a lot of crafts that are perfect for room decor!

I would love to make something similar to this for all of my necklaces

I've always wanted to make something like this it;s the perfect wall art .

Such a nice art piece and it's so easy to make!
This is so cute and simple i'm thing about making one for all of my roommates! 

A hula hoop? enough said this is definitely being made!

Another Jewelry Holder but it looks more like an art piece. I would make this on a much smaller scale.

I hope you enjoyed this post I am probably going to make the wall art with the tape! I'll keep you guys updated. Until next time! 

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