Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Real Life:

I know it's been forever, who knew being a college student was so time consuming? I had a huge project and and tons of essays to work on, so that's the reason i've been unable to post. But I'm here now! In the last few weeks I developed some obsessions that I've gotta share!

1) Camelback Water Bottles--> I have literally had this bottle for a year but never really used it. Now that it's nice and warm I can't put it down! I mostly fill it up with water and sometimes iced tea. Such a good investment.
2) My prescription sunglasses--> I was finally able to get a pair. Something you all must know about me is that I have the worst vision ever, the kind of vision that if i'm not wearing my glasses all can see is figures, no faces no anything. My vision is so bad that I have to have my glasses made like compressed! So when I went to get new glasses they had a buy one get one free deal, just my luck! So I was able to get a nice pair of new glasses and sunglasses. Now that the weather is ever so nice, I take these baby's everywhere with me :)

3) My Kindle--> The best thing that's ever been created. I read books for class and leisure. It's so little that I can just put it into my purse. It is really worth the investment. I have the white one!
4) My Iphone--> She is literally my baby, I call her Carly. I've have had her for almost a year now and she has been so good to me, I tons of apps so much that I have to delete some of them to make room for others.

These are just some of current obsessions! Hope you guys enjoy!

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